At St. Joseph’s we promote: Safe, Fair and Kind practices.

We are committed to working restoratively.  We do this to build and nourish respectful relationships between all in our school community.  When harm has been caused, a calm, safe environment is provided to ensure relationships can be restored in a way that is mutual and genuine.  A strong foundation of working in circles enables such restoration to happen effectively and encourages the development of life-long problem solving.

Please note – The discipline of all students in our school is based on the principles of procedural   fairness and we do not permit corporal punishment.

Students work in circles to learn the fundamental concepts of Restorative Justice.

When addressing behaviours that are not safe, fair or kind we endeavour to find out:

  • What happened?
  • Who was involved?
  • What harm has been done?
  • How can we make it right?

The restorative process becomes an experience in empathy and encourages thinking about the impact of our behaviour on others, and how to value relationships in our school.