At St Joseph’s, we view the education of students as a vital partnership between home and school. Such a partnership can only come to fruition through communication, goodwill and highly professional staff learning together with families.

Communication with families is facilitated through:

  • Weekly newsletters
  • School Website/Skoolbag App
  • Class Dojo
  • Classroom/Level newsletters (periodically throughout the year)
  • Term Overviews
  • Year and Term Calendars
  • Fortnightly student assembilies
  • Parent Information Sessions
  • Parent Learning Conversations (start of the year)
  • Student Learning Portfolios (Each Term)
  • Written Student Reports (June and December)
  • Parent/Teacher/Student Goal Setting Conversations (Mid Year)

At any time, teachers welcome parents to make appointments to discuss their child’s progress and wellbeing.¬† If you wish to do so, please remember the teacher’s first responsibility is to the class, so try to meet them before or after school.¬† The Principal and School Leaders also welcome appointments to discuss¬† issues which may not easily be resolved by the class teacher.