Education In Faith

Each of our school days is guided by the Gospel principles of care and awareness – for each member of the community, for our environment and for the broader community in which we live. An ethos of ethical practice and the awareness of the dignity of each human being is reflected in the way that we live out of the Christian message.

We strive to create sacred space for our community to reflect, to pray together and to engage in outreach to those in need. Frequent opportunities are provided for the celebration of significant Catholic Liturgical and Sacramental times.

Our Religious Education Curriculum encourages our students to be inquirers into their contemporary world and to make connections between what they believe and how they live.

Celebrating Mass

Children are given the opportunity to attend regular Eucharist celebrations and often take an active role in the preparation of these Masses.
We have a highly successful school/parish/family partnership and the Sacraments – Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation- are celebrated in Years 3, 4 and 6 respectively. Other significant celebrations include, Feast days, Healing and Beginning and End of School Year Masses . Our school also celebrates the seasons of Easter, Pentecost , Advent and Christmas – significant annual dates in the church calender. These important celebrations deepen our children’s understanding of their Catholic faith.

Classroom Curriculum

To Know, Worship and Love is a Religious Education Project based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Scriptures and liturgy. It is our core teaching and learning resource and is further supported by a variety of other reputable resources and programs.

Godly Play /The Good Shepherd Experience

Godly Play is a term used to describe a style of Christian education that owes a great deal to Sophia Cavalletti and the late Maria Montessori. Godly play is a meditative and thoughtful process for religious education. It introduces children to the stories and practices of our faith. Using tangible materials to represent stories and teachings, children are encouraged to wonder about their connection to Christian faith and human values. Education to wonder, in the Godly Play style, brings an appreciation that ‘knowing’ is not so much about facts as relationships and the very deepest things in life.

Stewards of Creation

We are Stewards of God’s creation and our school strongly encourages children to take responsibility for and to have a deep respect for our environment.


Daily reflection and prayer are important parts of our conversation with God. Each classroom has a sacred prayer place that displays religious symbols and icons. Weekly Liturgical singing is also recognised as a further opportunity for prayer.

Liturgical Singing

Weekly Liturgical Singing encourages children to be actively involved in Religious song and prayer. This practice supports and enriches our eucharistic celebrations, engaging and uniting the entire congregation for a common prayerful experience.

Social Justice

The children are encouraged to support local and global organizations through fundraising events, donations and the power of prayer. They support St Vincent De Paul, Caritas Australia / Project Compassion, Plan Australia, and various other charities.